The Trilobite is an entry-level fossil preparation tool, developed to provide an affordable air tool specifically suited to fossil preparation. Although not as powerful, refined or as quiet as our ZOIC PalaeoTech PRO range of pneumatic tools, the Trilobite is multipurpose, robust and precise. It is an all-rounder air pen designed to cover everything from moderate matrix removal to fine work.

  • Tungsten carbide stylus (stone grade, not engraver or metalworking grade)
  • Hardened and tempered stylus guide bushing to maintain precision for years to come (no wobbly stylus!)
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance
  • Wide adjustable pressure range - more power or more precision acheived with ease!
  • No bells, no whistles, but a pen that will see you through the majority of your fossil preparation needs.

The Trilobite is a modified version of a commercially available engraver, allowing us to produce it on a tighter budget than our handmade, bespoke air pens. We are able to pass on the benefits of these savings direct to the customer, along with all of our experience in what makes a fossil preparation tool useful, durable and great to work with.

ZOIC PalaeoTech apply many of the same techniques to this tool as we do our PRO range. The Trilobite is a quality tool quite unlike any other in the same price range. The design is deeply simplified compared to our PRO range, but it was important to us to produce something that we could be proud of, yet manufactured on a much tighter budget. Wherever a feature really matters for durability and usability in the demanding task of fossil preparation, we have applied precisely the same technologies that we do in our PRO range to give you excellent value for money.

The Trilobite is a mid-powered Pusher-Plate Driven tool, which means that it is powered by compressed air pushing a spring which in turn pushes the stylus in and out many thousands of times per minute (31,500 give or take!). This produces a gentler action than Impact-Driven tools and so is suitable for working with more delicate fossils, and those sensitive to vibration.

Sounds too good to be true? Nope! It's just an amazing price for the same ZOIC PalaeoTech quality and customer service that you know and trust. We take enormous pride in our product range.


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